Vehicle Graphics in Belfast

Do you have a car or a fleet of vehicles which needs graphics, Belfast Print Company print and design vehicles graphics for small , medium and large businesses, we also produce building wraps. For the very latest contact the office for more details.


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Printing Glossary and Terms

Printing glossary
Printing specialists love to dream up odd and wonderful names for even the most basic print processes. I think it must make them feel important. Anyway, I have started a glossary of printing terms which I’ll update as and when I get inspiration. Let me know if I have missed anything!

Backing Up
Printing the reverse side of a sheet already printed on one side.
Black and White
Originals or reproductions in single colour (black).
Printed area which extends off the trimmed area. It is impossible to print all the way to the fringe of the paper sheet. To accomplish this effect it is necessary to print a bigger area than is necessary and then trim the paper down. Usually a designer would permit an additional 4mm-5mm of bleed to colour and picture areas to permit for a tiny leeway when trimming.
Thick paper over 200gsm in weight, often used for folders, business cards, postcards, brochure covers etc.

Business Card
Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared in the coursework of formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card usually includes the giver’s name, company affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information. Get prices for printed business cards.
Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black – used as the basic colours in the printing industry. See ‘Four Colour Process’. See my article What is full colour (or CMYK or process) printing?
The degree of tones in an picture ranging from highlight to shadow.
Coated Stock
Paper which has a coating usually of china clay. It can be gloss, silk or matt and is suitable for jobs requiring a fine finish such as colour brochures and annual reports.
To bring together and manage printed matter in a specific order.
Crop Marks
In printing, marks placed on the copy to indicate the fringe of the paper. Used as a guide when cutting (or trimming) documents to done size.
The process of using sharp steel rules to cut special shapes, such as the pockets of a folder.
Digital Printing
Printing processes in which information is transferred from a computer directly onto paper, without the necessity for film and printing plates. Digital printing is faster and more cost-effective for small/medium print runs and allows special techniques such as personalisation and printing-on-demand.
Dots Per Inch (DPI)
Measure of the resolution of input devices such as scanners, display devices such as monitors, and output devices such as laser printers, digital printing presses and monitors. See my article Resolution – your essential guide.
Making the holes in paper for use in a ring binder.
A printing press equipped to print both sides of a piece of paper in one pass.


A kind of protective enclosure for papers and other flat objects; involves placing the item between two sheets of transparent polyester film (available in various thicknesses) that are subsequently sealed around all edges.Any process that follows the actual printing. Can include folding, creasing, stitching, binding and the like.
A tiny leaflet, often printed onto a thick paper, often used to promote bars or nightclubs. Get prices for printed flyers.
A folder is used to hold loose papers together for organisation, protection and/or presentation. Folders usually consist of a sheet of thick paper which is folded in half. One or more pockets may be affixed inside to contain loose paper documents. Get prices for printed folders.
Four-Colour Process
The most common process for producing full colour print. The three ink colours are Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black – often often called CMYK. The inks can be overprinted and combined in a variety of different proportions to produce a variety of colours.
Abbreviation for ‘grams per square metre’. This indicates the weight of paper or other stock. For example a typical photocopier paper is 80gsm, a nice letterhead paper might be 120 gsm, a postcard would be about 300gsm. See my article Choosing paper for your print project.

A plastic film bonded by heat and pressure to a printed sheet for protection. Available in matt or gloss finish.
An rectangular artwork or photograph where horizontal dimension is greater than the vertical.
A leaflet usually consists of a printed sheet of paper not larger than international standard A4 in size. Leaflets are used to convey information and are often used by companies, organisations and individuals to promote products, services, events and activities. Get prices for printed flyers.
A piece of paper – usually A4 or A5 in size – used by a company or organisation for official correspondence. Letterheads usually feature the name, logo and contact details of an organisation. Get prices for printed letterheads.
Lithographic Printing (litho)
A standard (non-digital) print process. The process works by first transferring an picture to narrow metal, paper, or plastic printing plates. Rollers apply oil-based ink and water to the plates. Only the inked picture portion is transferred to a rubber blanket that then transfers the picture onto the paper as it passes between it and another cylinder beneath the paper.
Although paper is usually measured in grams per square metre (weight), it is sometimes measured in microns (thickness). A micron is unit of measure equal to one millionth of a metre or .00004″. See my article Choosing paper for your print project.
Pantone, Pantone Matching Process and PMS + are Pantone Inc’s industry-standard trademarks for colour standards, colour information, colour reproduction and colour reproduction materials, and other colour related products and services, meeting its specifications, control and quality requirements.
Transportable Document Format – The industry standard for saving files in a suitable format. Speedy, cheap and increasingly stable, often used for viewing proofs and for supply of final artwork.
Ideal Bound
A way of adhesive binding multi-section jobs. Individual sections are collected together and the backbone is ground off (usually 3mm). Glue is then applied to the backbone and a cover pulled on before the product is trimmed to size.

An upright, rectangular artwork or photograph where vertical dimension is greater than the horizontal.

An rectangular piece of printed card, usually A6 or A5 in size, posted without an envelope and used for promotion or as a greeting. Get prices for printed postcards.

A poster is any large piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface. Posters are often used as a kind of promotion or by campaigners and protesters to communicate a message. Get prices for printed posters.

All procedures (and costs) associated with bringing a job to press, such as design, artwork, proofs, setup etc.

A version of a document produced for the purpose of review before it is printed. See my article Proofs – seldom, ever print without one!

Two hundred sheets of paper.

Red, green, blue additive primary colours.

Saddle Stitch
In binding, to fasten a booklet by wiring it (stapling) through the middle fold of the sheets.

To impress or indent a mark in the paper, to make folding simpler.

Spiral Binding
A binding, as used in notebooks, in which the pages are fastened together by a spiral of wire or plastic that coils through a series of holes punched along the fringe of the document.

Spot Varnish
A way of highlighting an area of a page by selectively applying a gloss varnish to it.
Paper or other material to be printed. See my article Choosing paper for your print project.

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Lamination Process “What does it mean”

What is lamination?
A laminate is a narrow sheet of clear plastic which is applied to one or both sides of a piece of paper. It provides protection from handling & prevents ink from smudging or coming off on the hands (this does not apply to most digital printing processes which use a dry ink toner). Lamination is often used on the outer covers of brochures, business cards & corporate folders.

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UK Paper Size Guidelines

Don’t know your A5s from your DLs? Here’s my essential guide to UK paper sizes…
The most common process of paper sizes in Europe is the ISO standard. Most people are familiar with the A series which includes A4 (the size of a standard letterhead):
A0 – 841 x 1189mm
A1 – 594 x 841mm
A2 – 420 x 594mm
A3 – 297 x 420mm
A4 – 210 x 297mm
A5 – 148 x 210mm
A6 – 105 x 148mm
paper size guide

Another popular size for printed leaflets is 1/3 A4 (a third of A4, sometimes referred to by the size of its associated envelope – ‘DL’) which is the size of a standard compliments slip at 210x99mm.
A promotional mailer or leaflet can have additional impact if it is produced at a non-standard size. In the event you plan to head down this route, there’s a few issues you ought to be aware of:

* Commercial printing companies print onto standard sized paper. In the event you specify an unusual size which doesn’t fit neatly within a standard sheet size, you will be paying for the paper which is cut off and thrown away. Fine-tune the size of your document so that as lots of copies as feasible within a standard sized sheet.

* Some printing companies will only produce standard sized documents or impose a surcharge for non-standard sized work. Always confirm the cost before you spend time generating artwork.

* In the event you intend to distribute your document by post, make sure you can source a suitably-sized envelope.
The C series of sizes is reserved for envelopes – a C4 envelope being ideal for holding an A4 sheet of paper.
The other series which you may come across is SRA which is used by commerical printing companies. It is slightly larger than the A series to provide room for grip, trim and bleed.
SRA0 – 900 x 1280mm
SRA1 – 640 x 900mm
SRA2 – 450 x 640mm
SRA3 – 320 x 450mm
SRA4 – 225 x 320mm

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Booklet and Magazine Printing UK and Ireland

Are you hunting for affordable booklet printing? Whether you want to make a catalog printing magazine for your products, or you want to feature your services in a company booklet or newsletter magazine, the budget is always an issue. Do not worry though. Belfast Print Company can solve all your problems for printing with expert knowledge and best information, we can not only save you money but save you time. Below are a few examples of these decisions and information for cheap booklet printing.

Choosing the correct printing type. First, you must choose the correct printing type. Magazines can actually be printed in different forms. They can be magazine catalogs, booklets, newsletters. Each of these forms can be more appropriate than others depending on your content. For people with little content to work with in their magazines, newsletter magazines and booklet formats should do well. If you have lots of products to advertise then the catalog printing type should be fine. Of course if you really need the magazine format with pictures, feature articles and the like, then true magazine printing is the one you want. If you choose the right type you can avoid the extra cost of printing your magazine especially if you wrongly choose the wrong and bigger type.

Getting the best deals. Secondly,  This means looking for printing services that offer the best packages and wholesale printing quotations for printing magazines. The name of the game here is to search exhaustively. Look at the Internet, the yellow pages and even try to ask your colleagues and friends. By making your search exhaustive you will find the best deals with the cheapest possible rate but not always the cheapest is the best.

Emphasizing the cover. Thirdly, you can make your magazine printing cost less by just emphasizing all the quality on the cover and then leaving the inner pages with simpler colors and paper stocks. Since magazines are usually about the cover, all your money must be invested on that area of the magazine. You can save money by minimizing the quality of the inner pages to what you can afford.

Using easy binding methods. Also, you can try to make your magazine printing cheaper by settling for easier and cheaper binding methods. Perfect binding for magazines for example can be an expensive enterprise. You can simply replace that costly technique with stapler binding. Stapler binding is cheaper, faster and relatively more economical. The sacrifice in the durability of the magazine is minimal and you would need to worry about it too much.

Printing wholesale. Lastly, the best way to achieve cheap magazine printing is to print wholesale or in bulk. Wholesale printing means the cost per piece of magazine is significantly reduced the bigger your printing order is. So if you want to save money in printing magazines, plan ahead and print them all in one time.

You now have learned how to cheaply print your magazines, booklets and brochures. With these easy steps and strategies you won’t have problems in fitting your magazine printing into your budget.

Come check us out at Belfast Print Company were can guide you whilst and recommending the best suitable solutions for all your printing requirements.

Tel Number 028 9543 8112  or send an email to

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Cheap printing in Ireland

If you require cheap printing in UK or are looking for affordable presentation folder printing, then you will definitely be looking into, a printing company in Belfast, Ireland. “Quality never comes cheap” they say but Belfast Print Company has redefined the entire statement by providing quality printing in UK and Ireland at affordable prices.
Be it poster printing or brochures it has developed indigenous solutions to cut costs without compromising on the quality. has developed expertise in the field of commercial printing with their years of experience in the printing industry. is an online service specialising in high quality lithographic, screen and digital printing. The company provides a wide range of printing services including large format printing, folder printing, leaflet printing, business cards, letterheads and brochures to name a few. It also undertakes many other forms of printing.

To give its customers a better user experience, Belfast print company has recently re-launched its website with a vibrant look and new content. The layout has gone through significant changes and also features the latest printing offers including a powerful and innovative easy-to-use online service. What will attract the users most at the website is the online ordering system which is free and allows the customers to upload designs of their choice for print in a few mouse clicks.

Belfast print companies greatest asset has been its employees who are experienced, friendly and can get involved in an initial consultation about printing. They will guide a customer through re-branding, logo design and marketing materials. Time plays an important factor in the printing industry and Belfast Print Company values it. The customer may be running short of time we have the infrastructure to deliver fast turnaround for all types for printing products.

As a responsible business owner, strives to reduce carbon footprint and they are dedicated to supply eco-printed products. As a part of the larger on-going programme for printing services in UK to reduce carbon footprint, all leaflet printing, business card printing, and posters printing are produced with strict quality accreditation of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Belfast Print Company believes in a long term bond over a single profit oriented deal. Over the years they have built a strong bond with customers and are looking forward to doing the same with clients in the future too. The biggest testimony for Belfast print company has been the complete satisfaction of its customers. Not only has Belfast Print Co. been able to retain its customers but they have promoted it among their own business and social circles.

There are a lot of reasons to choose over its competitors. First and foremost it provides its customers with competitive price and quality printing. If the customers are from UK mainland or Ireland, We provide them with free delivery for online orders. Above all we don’t believe in business to be a function of only profit and loss and believes in bonding with the customers through its friendly service. Unlike many of its competitors we provide customers with great offers for there printing requirements

For more information give us a call on 028 9543 8112 or, contact

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Designing a leaflet for printing

If you have a business or own a company and are looking for ways to advertise your products or offers, then why not consider leaflet printing  or flyer printing. Leaflet advertising is one of the best ways to capture your customers attention, providing that the leaflet or flyer contains the right information in easy on the eye format.

If you want to get the attention of people so that they purchase your products then leaflet printing

Printing in belfast

Low Cost Quality printing at Affordable prices

is perfect and can also be a creative challenge. The design of a good leaflet is definitely necessary for this method to be effective.

Today’s technology is allowing anyone and everyone to design leaflets, posters and much, much more. Leaflet printing & distribution used to be a method that people used to make the general public aware of certain issues. However, in this modern age, leaflet printing has become the most popular and cost-effective way to market and advertise products to allow potential clients to see what you have to offer and what your products and services are.

If you want to try leaflet and flyer printing to promote your services, then you need to ensure that you find a reputable printing company to help design and print your leaflets. It is important that your leaflet is eye-catching and visually appealing. You should always remember to keep any written items on the leaflet simple, as people do not want to read through masses of text.

Here at Belfast Print Company, we offer a wide range of services that will be sure to meet your specific requirements.

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