Business Card Printers in Belfast

Your business card is one of the most important business tools you have in your arsenal to attract a clients attention! When used wisely your company will see the benefit of a well-designed business card for many years.

Leaving your business card in the hands of a client or prospective client ensures that they have a permanent reminder of you,

Business Card Printing in Belfast

Printers in Belfast

which makes it extremely important to capture their attention with the design and information on the business card so that they will want to keep the card for future reference.

Avoid cluttering your business card with useless information and adhere to the following hints:

•    Display your company name and logo prominently with larger font and ensure that your corporate colors are reflected.
•    Ensure that your name and business title is shown clearly.
•    Place all your contact details on your business card to ensure that you may be contacted by telephone, fax, mobile, Skype, e-mail, Twitter, Face Book, etc. It is more important to have ALL your contact details, so that people on the move may contact you at any time and any means, than it is to have a photograph.
•    Choose a font style and size that makes it easy to read in any setting, i.e. while driving in a car, in bad lighting, etc. bearing in mind that a large percentage of the world’s population suffers from weaker eyesight. If your contact details are squeezed into a small space with very small font you are going to lose a lot of business.

Always bear in mind that the manner in which you conduct yourself is vitally important because no matter how wonderful your business card is it can be torn up immediately when you leave the clients office if you have offended them in some way

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