Booklet and Magazine Printing UK and Ireland

Are you hunting for affordable booklet printing? Whether you want to make a catalog printing magazine for your products, or you want to feature your services in a company booklet or newsletter magazine, the budget is always an issue. Do not worry though. Belfast Print Company can solve all your problems for printing with expert knowledge and best information, we can not only save you money but save you time. Below are a few examples of these decisions and information for cheap booklet printing.

Choosing the correct printing type. First, you must choose the correct printing type. Magazines can actually be printed in different forms. They can be magazine catalogs, booklets, newsletters. Each of these forms can be more appropriate than others depending on your content. For people with little content to work with in their magazines, newsletter magazines and booklet formats should do well. If you have lots of products to advertise then the catalog printing type should be fine. Of course if you really need the magazine format with pictures, feature articles and the like, then true magazine printing is the one you want. If you choose the right type you can avoid the extra cost of printing your magazine especially if you wrongly choose the wrong and bigger type.

Getting the best deals. Secondly,  This means looking for printing services that offer the best packages and wholesale printing quotations for printing magazines. The name of the game here is to search exhaustively. Look at the Internet, the yellow pages and even try to ask your colleagues and friends. By making your search exhaustive you will find the best deals with the cheapest possible rate but not always the cheapest is the best.

Emphasizing the cover. Thirdly, you can make your magazine printing cost less by just emphasizing all the quality on the cover and then leaving the inner pages with simpler colors and paper stocks. Since magazines are usually about the cover, all your money must be invested on that area of the magazine. You can save money by minimizing the quality of the inner pages to what you can afford.

Using easy binding methods. Also, you can try to make your magazine printing cheaper by settling for easier and cheaper binding methods. Perfect binding for magazines for example can be an expensive enterprise. You can simply replace that costly technique with stapler binding. Stapler binding is cheaper, faster and relatively more economical. The sacrifice in the durability of the magazine is minimal and you would need to worry about it too much.

Printing wholesale. Lastly, the best way to achieve cheap magazine printing is to print wholesale or in bulk. Wholesale printing means the cost per piece of magazine is significantly reduced the bigger your printing order is. So if you want to save money in printing magazines, plan ahead and print them all in one time.

You now have learned how to cheaply print your magazines, booklets and brochures. With these easy steps and strategies you won’t have problems in fitting your magazine printing into your budget.

Come check us out at Belfast Print Company were can guide you whilst and recommending the best suitable solutions for all your printing requirements.

Tel Number 028 9543 8112  or send an email to

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